Woodhull's Brown to the Bone

BISS CH Erinhill's Guinness Stout x CH Woodhull's Frankly My Dear
June 21, 2006 - December 19, 2008

George and his big brother Jackson were able to climb a snow drift to get over the fence in our yard during a raging snowstorm and make a mad dash to run like all labs love to do. We searched for them through the night in vain. The next morning we got the call that they had been found, but that George had been hit by a car and died. We were told that Jackson stood watch over him, not letting anyone near his beloved brother for over an hour. Jackson was coaxed away, and George was moved from harms way by wonderful people who brought Jackson into their home for the night. We made that journey to pick up our boys with heavy hearts. Our sorrow was immeasurable. We take comfort that Jackson was such a brave boy and loving brother and is here safe and sound with us, and cherish that George graced our lives. He was a very special boy and we feel blessed that Corey entrusted him to us.

We all have our "heart dogs" and George was mine. Sweet, silly and a little bit of a clown, George was the epitome of love rolled up in a big brown ball.

Godspeed sweet Georgie. You will forever be in our hearts.